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Letter of Appointment


Notice of Appointment

January 7,2002

St. Johns, Antigua - Effective immediately, the Directorate of Offshore Gaming is pleased to announce the appointment of Ronald Maginley to the position of Director.
Mr. Maginley brings to the position a wealth of knowledge of the online gaming industry and surpurb executive management skills.

Antigua was one of the first jurisdictions to specifically regulate on-line gaming and, as a result, it attracted many of the largest names in the business. Maginley recognizes that today's environment is characterized by increasing competition from other jurisdictions throughout the Caribbean and the rest of the globe. He believes that Antigua can further its status as the leading offshore on-line gaming jurisdiction by enforcing its new on-line regulations, promoting Antigua's telecommunications infrastructure and by building on our existing relationships with some of the most successful on-line gaming companies in the world.

Says Maginley, "I believe strongly in our product. We are the best jurisdiction, in which a company could locate."

Maginley extends access to his office to all current online gaming license holders in Antigua and looks forward to soliciting their input on the future of the jurisdiction, through personal meetings with each of the company's principals. Maginley also welcomes enquiries from prospective licensees.

Mr. Maginley may be contacted at (268)-481-3300, and by email at: director@antiguagaming.gov.ag