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St. John's , ANTIGUA

September 23, 2003

It has come to the attention of the Directorate of Offshore Gaming that the Observer Radio has reported on a story from Online Casino News about the arrest of three (3) persons which were allegedly operating an illegal online casino from Antigua and Barbuda . The source of the information comes from an article written by Lawrence G. Walters in onlinecasinonews.com.

The Directorate of Offshore Gaming states for the record that Carib Sports ceased operations from Antigua and Barbuda on June 14, 2001 . The company left the jurisdiction because of new and stringent gaming regulations which were put in place during May 2001. It is our understanding that the company relocated its operations to Belize and Costa Rica .

The Online Casino News article is an insidious attempt to tarnish Antigua and Barbuda 's reputation as a viable and regulated jurisdiction. The timing of this article, just two (2) weeks before Antigua and Barbuda 's written submission to the WTO, has to be viewed suspiciously.

At no time did either the Pittsburg DA or Mr. Lawrence Walters contact the Directorate of Offshore Gaming for information relating to Carib Sports. In fact, the Directorate's website ( www.antiguagaming.gov.ag ) maintains up to date information on the status of all gaming operations within Antigua and Barbuda . A cursory review of our website would have revealed accurate information about the status of Carib Sports in this jurisdiction.

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has put in place stringent regulations for the management of gaming companies. Our licencees are fully compliant with both the requirements of the Antigua and Barbuda Interactive Gaming & Interactive Wagering Regulations and the provisions of the Money Laundering Prevention Act. In this regard, Antigua and Barbuda is confident that our licenced companies follow best practices and together we remain committed to the establishment of a legitimate and safe e-gaming environment.

Ronald Maginley

Director of Offshore Gaming